Murmure d’ Eté


  • $21000

The morning mist slowly lifts its wings off the ground. First rays of sunshine gently warming up the coast. Fragrant fig trees nestled among fresh cypress starting to release their invigorating scent.

Floating above, I can hear joyful laughter in the distance, gentle cracking of the shrubs while passing by.

Effortless, I’m floating above, breathing in this mesmerizing blend of nature while I soak up the fresh green concoction of this beautiful surrounding.

Peacefully I get carried away over the ocean.

Woody Green Amber

An invigorating blend of green bright notes. Elegant fig and delicate woods perfectly support each other in radiant harmony.

Top Note: Davana,Cypress

Middle Note: Fig wood, Fig pulp, Freesia

Base Note: Sandalwood, Cedarwood,Tonka bean

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