Elixir Rise of the Superb

Elixir Rise of the Superb


  • $11000


Irresistible attraction!

I reached the golden lake at the magical hour – the special moment, when the day is about to awake and everything feels possible. The air was warm and welcoming, carrying the sweet,  resinous fragrances of the old forest.

I sat on the edge, my feet in the water, allowing a delicious feeling of serenity to develop. That, I knew would vanish with the first light.

And there rose the Sun. Superb and spectacular, preceded by a halo of amber light, setting fire to the lake in a dramatic movement of life. Temperatures dropped for a second, giving rise to a playful wind that blended the calming scents of orange trees, geraniums and bergamot in my immediate surroundings.

Raising my head to follow its path, I caught sight of your slender figure walking towards me. This new day was full of promises, as sweet and fragrant as a sunrise on a golden lake.