Elégance Cuirée


  • $210.00

A long journey has taken me to different places allowing me to create endless fragrant memories. Resting on a stone I fall asleep. But am I really ready to let go? In my dreams memories form and transport me back to those wonderful moments. How far back have I gone?

Suddenly an unknown scent arouses my spirit. A beautiful concoction of leather with smoky notes captures my imagination. Curious to find the source, I follow the sound of laughter. Suddenly a vibrant scene arises before me with a game of Polo in full swing.

A lively crowd gathered by the fences, horses gallop over crisp grass.

Elegant ladies in white cheer for their team. Further down on a beautiful wooden veranda an equally classy, cigar smoking crowd established themselves. Sophisticated conversations being held, good company enjoyed. A joyful and luxurious moment – what better way to end a day and finally, I fall asleep….

Aromatic Woody Leather

A perfect interplay of strength and elegance opening with a fresh twist. Leather and vetyver play an important, grandiose role. Woods and smoky notes achieve this refined masterpiece, a perfume for the mondaine connoisseur.

Top Note: Bergamot, Juniper berry

Middle Note: Gaiac, Patchouli, Olibanum

Base Note: Amber, Leather, Vetyver

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