About Us

For centuries, scent - or fragrance - has been an integral part of many cultures, from the Ouds of the Middle-East, to the seductive creations of French fashion houses. A fragrance delivers much more than just a "smell"; it is an experience and one that lasts over time. That’s why we believes fragrances are the perfect medium to tell stories. They represent a universal, timeless language that requires no words, no sounds . . . just beautiful scents.

With over a decade of experience working in fine fragrances, embarking on the project of creating a fragrance for "24" fulfilled a long held ambition; to be the creators of an original fragrance product. Naturally, we are avid fans of the 24 TV series and this passion led us to approach Fox to create 24 The Fragrance. Then, we recruited marketing experts to head the design and marketing development, with one clear aim: to design and deliver a fragrance product that will delight the millions of worldwide fans of 24 the TV series.

Most fragrances are based on a brand that appeals to consumers. Brands can come in many forms: fashion, celebrities, cars... 24 The Fragrance launched in 2009, is a new collaboration between ScentStory and Twentieth Century Fox. In 2012, we will launch the Gossip Girl and The Mentalist fragrances, both manufactured under license from Warner Bros.