Elixir Azur

Elixir Azur


  • $9000


A roadtrip across the “riviera”

It was like blending in the backdrop from a 1960 French movie as I was driving on those little-used roads winding their way up and down through the unspoilt  countryside. Hues of green, grey and blue, shaded orchard-covered hills exhaling their leafy fruity fragrances alternating with lanes of fragrant purple lavender fields; the sweet scent of artemisia mingling with blossoming orange trees… the apparent bareness of the landscape was an actual delight for the senses. The road was literally carved out of the mountainside, snaking along like a powerful fragrant trail.

As I took the last turn and caught sight of the glittering lights of the town down there, I thought of you, your cheerful smile, the dinner we would have in our secret place next to the sea, and could almost smell its comfortable scent, an elegant blend of  amber, musk, and vanilla.

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