Elixir Neroli

Elixir Neroli


  • $11000


Cultural Wander

I first recognized the long avenue bordered with tall trees by its distinctive scent. An invigorating blend of orange blossom and the the deep comforting smell of fresh tobacco leaves, reminiscent of the old tobacco factory at the end of the street.

I walked passed the old building that had once inspired the Carmen novel. The whole atmosphere was as unique and vibrant as the characters of the famous Opera. Sparkling, seductive, warm and slightly dramatic.

Leaving the vibrant atmosphere behind me, I entered the narrow streets of the barrio, still surrounded by the comforting musky trail. Gems of gardens were hiding behind high whitewashed walls, only given away by mischievous notes of fruity fragrances. Intrigued, I boldly pushed a heavily studded wooden door, revealing the most sumptuous patio I had ever seen. Covered in green mosaic and organized around a crystalline water fountain, it was shaded by a majestic fig tree that was putting the ultimate touch to this unforgettable scented picture.

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